Wednesday, June 06, 2007

this is my red tabby exotic male cat. i call him "willie" (full name: impian wildwind)

wardin (malaysia)


Anonymous said...

This one loks like a bulldog. But it is still cute.

Aftab said...

Hey I love cats too. I got to tell you one thing that you have got the coolest collection of cat pictures i've ever seen.
Keep it up!

Crap But Spicy said...

oh my oh my...*giggles*

Anonymous said...

I've owned 3 Exotic Cats, 2 of whom, Sir Boomer Sooner and Sir Widgit, remain living with us. Sir Boomer is white with some silver coloring and tends to appear more Persian than Exotic. He is very small as he was the "runt" of his litter and must be fed very special food which we purchase from our Veternian. Each of my 3 my cats began eating the very same food 6 years ago as this food is extremely healthy for any cat. He recently had to have eye surgery for the same HIV virus -- not the Aids strain but more somewhat the Herpes strain. All felines carry this virus but it very seldom becomes active. However, when it does become active it immediately effects a cat's eye and is noticible and must be treated by an Opthomoligist Veternarian -- a specialist -- and must usually require surgery so as not to be binded in at least one eye. This, of course, is expensive and requires 4 to 5 quite expensive medications at most, only 2 times. We opted for the surgery as we could fortunately afford this treatment. If one cannot afford surgery, the kitty will go blind in one eye and shall adapt and be just fine.

The very first Exotic we were able to purchase was a Chocolate Exotic named Jo-Jo. He lived with us a very long time and was very calm and an extremely loving kitty -- a really good companion.

Last August we were able to purchase another Exotic "show named" Silver Boy. Within a month we named him "Widgit" as the name suits him. He is hilarious and bears a "Silver to White coat which is amazingly soft. He purrs at anything and became a part of our family quickly. He has all of the common Exotic traits is already "King of the House". We hope he is with us for a very long time.

Your pictures cute and very fun to view. So, good luck with your sight and your cats and keep the pictures coming! Thankyou very much.

whom is now named "Sir Widgit", as he simply looks and acts like a "widgit". He is a pure bred show cat. Or, so I thought when we first purchased Widgit. However, I do not show my cats and its agood thing as a couple of within having him,out came his little toung for which he would be disqualfied had I the inclination to show

manung36 said...

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