Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Peanut all grown up and performing live at Lollapalooza!

This is my cat named, Peanut!
Included is a picture of him as a baby...and what he looks like today.

We hand raised him on a bottle. He was found with his 3 siblings in an old shed, and his mother died of distemper. ( the siblings were: 2 orange, 1 black, 1 striped) He only survived out of the lot of them. Bless his heart, we thought he'd be the one not to make it...but I guess a strong heart kept him alive, and a lot of love.

The strangely odd thing about how we found them? His mother knew that we went there every day to feed horses, but we hadn't seen any kittens at all. All of a sudden, we went there, and there were the 4 of them on a wooden table near a box, crawling, and meowing at the top of their lungs. We searched for the mother, and she lay dying in the barn, in the hay. She died that night, but managed to make sure we knew her babies were there, to help at least save one of them. We did what we could for them, along with more information from a vet, (about Toxidiosis, and distemper, and more.)

Peanut survived, and he is the apple of my eye! I love him, along with our other cats. Dad thinks he's just an orange cat! But I tell him, "He's not 'Just an orange cat!', He's my Ginger Tabby, and I love him more than any other cat I've had! He's Special!"

I fixed this picture, for a laugh, and everyone thought it was funny! He was playing with a shoestring, in which he acts more like a dog towards. Follows you around, will make you play with him, and so on. He's a very special cat. I love him...or so you can tell!

I keep pictures of him always around me...because I miss him when I'm working. lol

Hope you post this...it turned out pretty well.
Thanks...Cat Lover In Missouri.
Stacey Z.